MT series MT-66HRL

  • MT-66HRL
  • MT-66HRL
  • MT-66HRL
  • MT-66HRL

Tamping Rammer with Twin Cyclone Cleaner

●Large twin cyclone air cleaner removes 99% fly ashes.
●VAS handle reduces 30 - 40% hand vibration.
●Tacho hour meter for checking engine R.P.M. and operating time.
●Original throttle lever.
●Original robust bellows resists twisting.
●Original rugged foot made of wear-resistant high-tensile steel sheet and laminated beech wood.
●Single point lifting hook to make loading and unloading work easier.


wear resistant foot
air cleaner Large Twin Cyclone
VAS handle
tacho hour meter
throttle lever 〇(Mikasa Original)
engine cover
engine guard
lifting hook
trench foot 〇(W114/165/200mm, H340mm, option)
Cart-rammer -
Mikasa carry
A 1,070
B 375
C 740
plate size(mm) D 285
E 340
weight(kg) 72
jumping stroke(mm) 50-80
impact force kN(kgf) 12.7(1,300)
impact number per min 644-695
fuel tank capacity(lits) 2.0
power source kW(PS) model GXR120
brand Honda
max.output 2.7(3.6)



  • FEATURES 02 02 4 Stage Air Cleaner System

    • Large Twin Cyclone Air Cleaner

      Large Twin Cyclone Air Cleaner

      Large twin cyclone air cleaner has 300% the dust holding capacity of our previous design. (MTX series)

    • Tacho Hour Meter

      Tacho Hour Meter

      1. Engine R.P.M.
      When it is running, it shows R.P.M. and you can check it easily.
      2. Operating Time
      When it is stopped, it shows total operating time and managing its runtime is easy.

  • FEATURES 03 03 Power-Packed Rammer

    • Powerful Compaction

      Powerful Compaction

      Solid compaction with a stroke of 30 to 80 mm.*
      *Figures may vary depending on the model.