Reversible Compactor MVH-508DSZ-PAS

  • MVH-508DSZ-PAS
  • MVH-508DSZ-PAS
  • MVH-508DSZ-PAS
  • MVH-508DSZ-PAS
  • MVH-508DSZ-PAS
  • MVH-508DSZ-PAS
  • MVH-508DSZ-PAS

Reversible Compactor with Compaction Sensor

●Compaction Sensor "Compas II" for smart and efficient compaction.
●Smooth forward and reverse drivability.
●VAS handle to reduce hand-arm vibration : patented.
●Forward/Reverse control lever : patented.
●Integrated vibrating plate.
●Cyclone air filter to extend engine life and reduce maintenance.
●Tacho hour meter for checking engine R.P.M. and operating time.
●Electric Start for quick and smooth starting.
●Single-point lifting hooks for easy loading and unloading.
●Extension plate for more efficient compaction.


compaction sensor "Compas II"
integrated vibrating plate
monocoque structure
electric start
cyclone pre cleaner 〇(twin)
tacho hour cleaner
self locking system
lifting hook
VAS handle : Patented
forward/reverse control lever : Patented
water tank -
cart -
extension plate
A 1,600
B 650
C 1,070
plate size
D 900
B 650
weight(kg) 525
vibrating frequency(Hz/v.p.m) 69(4,150)
centrifugal force(max)(kN/kgf) 65.0(6,600)
max.traveling speed(m/min) 29
power source kW(PS) model 1D81
brand Hatz
max.output 8.9kW/12.1PS



  • FEATURES 02 02 Getting you on the job as quickly and absolutely as possible

    • VAS Handle (Patented)

      VAS Handle (Patented)

      Vibration Absorbing System handle reduces hand-arm vibration. Even if use long time, the burden for your body is not large.

    • Forward/Reverse control lever (Patented)

      Forward/Reverse control lever (Patented)

      The control lever has been engineered with a built-in actuator that improves the forward/reverse switch over operational response so that you can smoothly switch over between forward and reverse.

    • Travel speed comparison

      Travel speed comparison

      The compactor's travel speed is 20% faster with the new designed compaction plate.

    • Integrated vibrating plate

      Integrated vibrating plate

      Brand-new Vibrating Plate made by advanced Automotive technology.

    • The compactor is designed monocoque structure integrated with front cover

      The compactor is designed monocoque structure integrated with front cover

      The light weight and highly rugged front cover protects engine from gravel or external damage, and benefit easy maintenance, and enable to wash by high pressure pump.(MVH-128〜508)