• 2019.12.25 Exhibition

    EXCON INDIA 2019


    EXCON INDIA 2019, the largest construction machinery exhibition in South Asia (held every two years) was held at Bangalore International Exhibition Center (BIEC) for 5 days from December 10 to December 14, 2019.
    I participated two years ago, but this time I will report again.

    This year's event was also attended by 21 countries from India, Europe and the United States, as well as Japan, China and Korea.
    Bangalore is famous for its comfortable climate, but during this exhibition the sunny weather continued and the weather was very pleasant. The exhibition area will consist of an outdoor area and five halls, and the display area will be 3,000,000 square meter. Is it about 64 Tokyo Domes?
    In the Outdoor area, large heavy equipments were mainly displayed. At each Hall, various products including small construction machines were exhibited.


    Our Indian distributor Greaves Cotton Limited exhibited Mikasa products. Currently the economy in India is slowing down, I was worried that this exhibition would be lacking in excitement. However, contrary to expectations, Greaves Cotton's stand was visited by many customers and they had direct access to Mikasa in this occasion. As a result, we believe that Mikasa fans have increased. Needless to say, India is a tough price market, but in the midst of that tough battle, we feel inspired by Greaves Cotton salesmen's hard work on PR. Thank you very much.


    We moved from Bangalore to Mumbai with the excitement of the exhibition remaining. we had some time to explore the Mumbai bay area.
    Unlike Mumbai, which is crowded with people, it is very beautiful. It was a new discovery for me that Mumbai has such a peaceful place.

    This time, it was a short five-day stay in India, but through the exhibition and a meeting with the Greaves Cotton, I was able to feel their passion for Mikasa products. Thank you for their continued efforts to expand sales in India, a huge market with more than 1.3 billion people.

    We will do our best !

    Reported by Mr. Mukai from Mikasa

    Contact details for inquiries: Greaves Cotton Limited.