Mikasa Construction Equipment 2016

5RunR.P.M.StopHour■Engine Protection360° Protection4 Stage Air Cleaner System■Engine ProtectionThe material of the side guard and engine guard is made of highly durable, superior shock-resistant resin that protects the entire surface of the engine.SideProtectionProtect the engine from rain and dust.(MT-55L)■ Maintenance Hour Meter Engine R.P.M.When it is running, it shows R.P.M. and you can check it easily.     Operating TimeWhen it is stopped, it shows Total Operating time and managing its runtime is easy.■Large Twin Cyclone Air CleanerLarge twin cyclone air cleaner has 300% the dust holding capacity of our previous designs.(MTXseries)BahrainLowerProtectionMTX seriesEasy maintenance112234TWINflyash40%cut55%cut4.99%cut99.99%TotalRemove=Nonwoven fabricFilter4th stageFilter elementPre-Filter2nd stageFilter element3rd stage1st stagePristine Air1234AABBCC12STAGE4