Mikasa Construction Equipment 2016

41380VFC-401(80kg)sheet type switch(FU-162・FV-302)FG-210(34kg)FG-310(53kg)High Frequency InverterHigh Frequency Engine Generator & Voltage Converter●Soft startThe inverter makes use of a vibrator soft start circuit. It controls the output upon startup and even during an overload so the vibrator can be smoothly started and the load on the motor reduced.●Sheet type switchThe inverter uses a sheet-type switch that possesses excellent dust-proof, water-proof and visibility to adjust frequencies and switch between error displays. You can adjust the output frequencies between 100-240Hz with the switch thus expanding the workability of the automatic vibration motor for the concrete pour. (adjustable to the most-well suited frequency)●Error displayThe inverter displays the error number whenever there is an abnormal condition, and from the error number, it lets you know the inspection steps and measure to be taken.■ FU-162・FV-302Click here for movieFU-162(8.7kg)110V220/240V(8.7kg)IP56FV-302(12.0kg)200V(12.0kg)IP56FG Speci cationsmodeldimensions (mm)output (V)output (A)output (KVA)cycle (Hz)number of outletspower source kW (PS)weight (kg) FG-210H : 448W : 394L : 47548 three phase25.22.12402Subaru EH12-2D max.output 2.6 (3.5)34FG-310H : 550W : 455L : 58037.83.143Subaru EH25-2D max.output 5.9 (8.0)53FC Speci cationsmodeldimensions (mm)input (V)input (A)input (KVA)input (Hz)output (V)output (A)output (KVA)output (Hz)number of outletsweight (kg)FC-401H : 553W : 540L : 643380 three phase10.46.8350/6048 three phase484 200-240380 FU・FV Speci cationsmodeldimensions (mm)input (V)input (A)input (KVA)input (Hz)output (V)output (A)output (KVA)output (Hz)number of outletsweight (kg)FU-162H : 248W : 240L : 324110/240 single phase20/142/2.850/6048 three phase19.21.6 100-24028.7 FV-302H : 248W : 325L : 324200 three phase124.136.0 3.0 312.0