Mikasa Construction Equipment 2016

40CADCAD(Steel pipe)8.7kg12.0kg(4m)4m(Rubber hose)3m(Cabtyre cable)FXB-30Bφ3248VFXS-40Gφ4348VHigh Cycle Frequency Concrete Vibrator (Steel type)(Steel pipe)● Use of special lightweight steel pipe makes it easy-to-handle.● No tangling with rebar even when pouring concrete into ne structural frameworks of rebar.● Finishes can be improved since the vibrator can be inserted along slopes (gradients).● Special tubes contain vibration absorbing rubber to reduce vibrations transmitted to the hands.FXB・FXS Speci cationsmodelvib.head dia. x length (mm)voltage (V)cycle (Hz)amperage(A)amplitude (mm)vibration Hz (V.P.M.)cable length (m)weight (kg) FXB-30B32 x 1,72848three phase200/24041.8200/240 (12,000/14,400)15 11.2FXB-40G43 x 1,79261.515.1FXS-30B32 x 2,62841.812.0 FXS-40G43 x 3,41261.516.8