Mikasa Construction Equipment 2016

33BACLWHL● Warning buzzer for dust collection bag full ※2●Sliding dust case (Capacity 20L)※1● Cutting gauge●Cutting line position ●Dust case level gauge※2● VAS handle● Maintenance hour meter●One-touch parking brake● Road surface following type noise absorbing blade cover●Dry filter● Warning LED lamp for dust collection bag change※2【When using the asphalt blade】● Cutting the asphalt pavement of sidewalks and ditches for facility construction● Pipeline construction of sewer pipes● Section cutting jobs around light poles, guardrails and manholes● Joint cutting (3-5 cm) in green concrete(within 72 hours after casting for unreinforced concrete)【 When using the concrete blade】● Facility construction of concrete (unreinforced) warehouses and sidewalks Examples of useMCD Speci cationsmodelweight (kg)dimensions (mm)blade size mm (inch)cutting depth mm (inch)arbor size (mm)adjusting for cutting depthcooling systempower source kW (PS)MCD-RY14142H : 970W : 610L : 1,679319 (12'') 370 (14'')50 (12'') 100 (14'')27manual lifting screw systemcentrifugal injection typeSubaru EX27DS electric startmax.output 6.6 (9.0)※1 Cutting dust is collected into dust case.※2 LED lamp, buzzer and level gauge let you know dust case full.Full levelMCD-RY14(142kg)STARTVASClick here for movieDust Collecting Type Dry Cutter