Mikasa Construction Equipment 2016

30Equipment for outstanding functionality(MCD-214・218・012A・L14)(MCD-218CEH)(MCD-218CEH)■Maintenance Hour Meter TP-22The rear wheels are equipped with a differential lock mechanism for better straight-line stability. (MCD-210 series)■Differential Lock Mechanism■e-Electric Start■One-Touch Type Water Tank■Drain Water Pipe■Lifting HookOne-touch type water tank means it is easy to remove. (MCD-012A)The convenient lifting hook for loading or unloading is equipped as standard.The tank can be easily cleaned and drained of water to prevent it from freezing.(214V・218VDX・ L14)Semi-Auto Drive ModelThe semi-self-propelled cutter is equipped in two models with attachable blades sizes spanning from 10” (smallest) to 18” (largest). (MCD-218) Wet type14ℓ