Mikasa Construction Equipment 2016

15●Give interlocking blocks an even nish.●The machine's hard rubber rollers make it virtually impossible to drag corner chips and small rocks that leave behind scratches along the surface of the blocks.● The MVB-85 is capable of exerting compaction pressure alongside walls.MVB-85(92kg)MVC-90RB(158kg)MVB・MVC Speci cationsmodelweight (kg)dimensions (mm)plate size (mm)vibrating frequencyHz (V.P.M.)centrifugal force (max) kN (kgf)power sourcekW (PS)MVB-8592H : 918H1 : 646L : 890 (rubber roll)W : 320 Dia : 7393 (5,600)10.1 (1,030)Subaru EH12-2D max.output 2.6 (3.5) MVC-90RB158H : 826H1 : 817L : 1,060 (rubber roll)W : 556Dia : 8697 (5,800)15.2 (1,550)Subaru EH17-2D max.output 3.7 (5.0) ■Folding HandleIn order to create a robust water gradient for rainwater to ow on the sand layer, it is crucial that reliable compaction work be done at the roadbed making stage. Mikasa's Reversible compactors and Rammers are indispensable to your roadbed compaction work.Drainage slope※You can fold the handle without any tools and load on Light Van.Point!Concrete CurbstoneforwardSandGravelWater-permeancesheetRoad bedAfterBeforeOK!A slightly uneven surface makes moving around in a wheelchair difficult.The sand will gradually rise from bottom and increase its adhesion because of the vibrations. So you don't need to buy expensive sand and saving money.※STD. 0.5~2.0%■360° FLAT OUT■Easy to pull backMoscow, RussiaavailableW.320W.55615.2kNInter-Locking Block Plate10.1kNVAS