Mikasa Construction Equipment 2019

6■VAS HandleTamping Rammer utilizes a newly designed Vibration Absorbing System Handle that reduces 30 or 40 % for vibration transferred to your hands ( compared to our normal handle models ) to work more efciency.■Original Rugged FootMikasa’s original foot is metal sheet assembly made from wear resistant and high tensile strength steel. Fuel ValveEngine Stop SwitchAccelerating for Running / StoppingOur bellows designed with meshed-pattern inner wall delivers an extremely stable tamping stroke that resists twisting.■Original Robust Bellows■Throttle Lever with fuel cutoff mechanism interlocked kill-switchReliableResponsibleReady to RentalEach stroke fully tamps 30 to 80mm.※ ※ This tamping height varies from model to modelPower-Packed RammerOutstanding OperabilitySOIL DENSITYLoose Soil(poor load support)Compacted Soil(improved load support)Pipe Leakage & BreaksStrokeForceNumber12330〜80 mm※9.8〜15.7 kN644〜698impact per minute××NormalLow vibrationVAS

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