Mikasa Construction Equipment 2019

35Intelligent and Powerful High frequency vibrator(iCVC) New Micon Vibrator■‌Compact and Durable designSteel bars and rubbers on the side protect the body from the impacts. If vibrator has troubles, Micro-computer (Micon) of invertor detects it and stops the vibration immediately to minimize damage.■‌Function for efcient work (ECO idle mode)If there is no-load for 30 seconds, it will automatically switch to “Idle mode” and weaken the vibration. This “ECO mode” provide the efcient work and to prologue consumable parts’ lives.■‌Stress-free Concrete-castingThe surface of the vibrating head is smooth. Because of case joint has been eliminated, which allows smooth casting of concrete.■‌LED indicatorThe three-color LED lights up and blink to indicate the machine condition.■‌Strong protectioniCVC is strongly protected from dust and water (equivalent IP67). And it enables to use in wide variety of site.GFCI as for the option protect operator from the electric shock to cut the current when it detect the electric leakage.

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