Mikasa Construction Equipment 2019

26MRH Specicationsmodelweight (kg)dimensions(mm)drum size (mm)vibrating frequency Hz (V.P.M.)centrifugal force kN (kgf)traveling speed (km/h)max.limited gradeability (%)water tank (lits)power source kW (PS)MRH-501DS(water cooled)530H: 1,195W: 617L: 2,265dia: 355width: 57555 (3,300)10.0 (1,020)0-335 30Kubota EA330 diesel (electric start) max. output 4.6 (6.3) MRH-700DSB (water cooled)728H: 1,170W: 692L: 2,670dia: 406width: 65023.5 (2,400)40Yanmar TF70Vdiesel (electric start) max. output 5.5 (7.5) MRH-700DSCB(air cooled)700Yanmar L100Ndiesel (electric start) max. output 7.4 (10.0) MRH-700GS680Honda GX390gasoline (electric start) max. output 8.7 (11.8) MRH-700DSB(728kg)STARTWATERMRH-700GS(680kg)STARTWATERTachoMRH-501DS(530kg)STARTWATERMRH-700DSCB(700kg)STARTWATERTachoW.650W.575W.650W.650※ The color of water tank will be changed to black in order.●‌Recoil Start (MRH-700DSCB/700GS)

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