Mikasa Construction Equipment 2018

37Easily maintenance, durable high frequency inverter ■Dust-proof and Water-proof design to handle at any eld (IP56 certied)IP code is an international standard published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) that rates the degree of protection provided against intrusion of solid matter such as hands, rods, and dust, and water that enter inside electrical appliances. ■LED IndicatorThe panel electrical outlet side has three lights that ash in 4 kinds of illumination/blinking display modes.When there is an abnormal voltage, the vibrator pulses, and a "sound" and "vibration" warns the operator of a power supply voltage abnormality.Normal (Green illumination, Green blinking)Abnormal (Orange blinking)Stop (Red illumination)(FU-162・FV-302)Degree of protection against solid foreign objectsLevel 5Intrusion of dust is not entirely prevented, but it must not enter in sufcient quantity to interfere with the operation and safety of the equipment.Degree of protection against ingress of waterLevel 6Water projected in powerful jets from any direction shall not intrude.※‌IP56 certied devices have been designed to be less susceptible to the eects of dust and water, but this does not guarantee that the device will not malfunction. Do not operate or leave the device in excessively dusty conditions, underwater or in rain.IP56■‌Safe design repaired easily in emergency The high frequency inverter utilizes a split structure design that lets you switch between units if damaged. The repair costs are reduced.■‌Memory Function to identify the root of a malfunction and well-suited for RentalThe high frequency inverter displays the error number whenever there is an abnormal condition.It lets you know when the malfunction occurred and its type. ■‌Rugged multi-voltage design capable of coping with power uctuationsMikasa's high frequency inverter comes in 100 V and 240 V to accommodate different power generators at construction sites,and is one of the rst multi-voltage inverters. (FU-162)Dust ProofWater Proof High Frequency Inverter

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