Mikasa Construction Equipment 2018

23Engine self-start is a safety feature that is designed to prevent the engine from starting if the travel lever is not in the neutral position.Prevent Drum-mark against surface of paving Asphalt.■Deadman BrakeThe deadman brake prevents accidents when backing up the machine.(Emergency stop device)A device that engages when parked on a slope. (When the engine is stopped), always be sure to park the roller on a at area.Deadman brake■‌Hour Meter is equipped as standard.■Hydraulic Pipe Guard■‌One-Touch-Open Center CoverSafety OperationSafety TransportationPeriodically Maintenance■Self-start safety design■‌Slope runaway preventer■‌To transfer safety by a truck■‌Soft Start■Head Light and Rubber BumperThe convenient Head Light suited nighttime work is equipped as standard. The Rubber Bumper is equipped as standard to protect the machine from the impact of frontal collisions. (MRH-501・601・700)Engine can be started(Reverse position) Engine startup disable(Forward position) Engine startup disabledTo prevent slide off, be sure to use parking stopper and handbrake.(MRH-501・601・700)Parking brakeParking drum stopperHour meter is equipped as standard. It lets you check work and maintenance time.(MRH-501DS・601DS・700DSCB・900DS)How to useAir FilterEngine OilOil FilterGrease

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