Mikasa Construction Equipment 2018

12The lifting hook is equipped as standard and makes loading and unloading the compactor easily.■Lifting hook■Cart of revolving typeWhen store or transport the compactor, Folding Handle is useful, and to fold is no need any tools.The notch type of grip bolt makes the handle lock into any position.■Folding Handle Standard Handle + 3 type of Unique Handle(MVC-F60・F70・F80・T90・T100 )■Wire for xed handle■Knob for xed handle■Stopper for storing cart(F60・F70・F80)(F60・F70・F80)(T90・T100)Lifting hookVibration Absorbing System Handle to reduce hand-arm vibration.■Vibration Absorbing SystemIt supports high height operator for reduce stress.■Long HandleLongNormalLow vibration■Cart of revolving typeFor MVC-F60・F70・F80・T90・T100■Cart of standard typeFor MVC-F60・F70

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