Mikasa Construction Equipment 2018

11Astonishing DurabilityEdge to Edge specialistThe compactor uses a highly durable ductile compaction baseplate that takes durability to another level (MVC-40・50・T90・T100)Design for Low center of gravity and Increasing the thickness of back part.■Special Ductile Compaction BaseplateThe back part of the compaction baseplate where wear is most prominent is a double baseplate design to deliver better durability when patching road surfaces or for other kinds of construction work. (MVC-F60・F70・F80・F82)■Rugged double compaction baseplate designA vibrator which supplies oil in a vibrator case by using the rotation of an eccentric rotator gives a proper lubricating action to the bearings and makes the vibrator more durable. (MVC-40・50・T90・T100)PatentedOption+Shut out DustTamping RammerReversible CompactorVibration RollerPlate Compactor■Self lubricated vibrator systemFor MVC-F80・T90・T100■Sprinkle water tankFor MVC-F60・F70・F82For MVC-50For MVC-408.5ℓ9ℓ11ℓ13ℓ

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