Mikasa Construction Equipment 2018

9W (mm)H (mm)100H1 305120H2 500・H3 800For MTR-40Hmodelweight (kg)dimensions (mm)plate size (mm)jumping stroke (mm)impact force kN (kgf)impact number per min. fuel tank capacity (lits)power sourcekW (PS)MTR-40H47H:1,110 W:370 L:620W1:150 L1:27040-555.4(550)644-6952.0 Honda GX100 gasoline max. output 2.1 (2.9) MTR Specications●Utility Trench Setting❶ Electric, Phone❷ Optical Fiber Cable❸ Sewerage Pipe❹ Multi-Purpose Utility Tunnel❺ Water Supply Pipe!Point+Option●With its slimed-down body and compact handle, you can easily navigate challenging job sites like the narrow gaps alongside walls and in sewer pipes, or the areas around telephone poles.●The optional trenching shoe lets you exert a compacting pressure up to a maximum depth of 1.4 m even in a gap with a width of 100mm.MTR-40H(47kg)WFILTERMC-1(6.0kg)(for Multi purpose)NEWmodelweight (kg)dimensions (mm)hook width (mm)loading capacity (kg)MC-16.0H: 1,065W: 488137 (inside)243 (outside)100modelweight (kg)dimensions (mm)Cart-MTX7.5H: 260W: 520L: 260 Mikasa Carry●Hook Easy to adjustCART-MTX(7.5kg)(for Rammer)NEWCart Specications*To use "Cart-MTX", it need to be assembled grip except for MTX-series.53421W.150mm+PLUSSOIL DENSITYLoose Soil(poor load support)Compacted Soil(improved load support)Pipe Leakage & BreaksGOODH3H2H1W.120W.120W.100■Trench FootW.100~150mmTrencherCalifornia, USATrench Rammer

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