2017.11.07#Sketch Mikasa

#Sketch MIKASA2017

What is #Sketch MIKASA ?

This is special photo album sent by customers to include Mikasa products at work in the world job sites or other special places.
Please capture Mikasa as catching Pokemon and send it us with your comments from this page.
Thank you !



The traffic cones and cone bars were located for preventing from dangers, but its seemed like the Ring. The machine which is in the ring, was looked like a winner.
Photo by: Mr. E from Tokyo, Japan

Shelter from rain—MCD-012(19th-Sep.-2017′)

I saw a MIKASA’s machine under the bridge when I went back to my home. Did the rain gradually decline?
Photo by: Mr. M from Kanagawa, Japan


I found a MIKASA’s machine in the “Unpen-temple”, it’s the 66th temples on the Shikoku 88 Sacred Places pilgrimage, when I went back to birthplace in my summer holiday.
Unpen-temple is on the border of Tokushima and Kagawa, the altitude is 911m. So this temple is the highest in the 88 temples.
Photo by: Mr. KH from Saitama, Japan

Heat Index meter—MVC-50GB(3rd-Jul.-2017′)

There was MIKASA’s machine at the construction site when the fresh wind had blown.
When I saw a thermometer, it indicated as 19 degrees Celsius. I thought “No way! It must be broken.” But when I rechecked it, I found it is WBGT, “Wet Bulb Globe Temperature = Heat index”, which means the indicator of heatstroke.
Temperature: 26.4 degrees, Humidity: 31 %, WBGT: 19 degrees
We were saved from heatstroke, today, maybe.
Photo by: Mr. E from Tokyo, Japan

Slim Roller—MRH-500DSA(14th-Jun.-2017′)

​I have a lot of chances to see Mikasa outside Japan, which I’ve been working.
But, when I see in Japan, Mikasa Roller ​looks ​somehow slim.
Photo by :Ms. HD from Tokyo, Japan

In front of My Home—MCD-012(30th-May.-2017′)

The residents have ever faced flood, cause of rainy season in every year.
Mikasa Concrete Cutter ​is currently on the stage to help them for their life !
Photo by :Ms. AE from Tokyo, Japan

Special VIP seat—MT-55L(7th-May.-2017′)

Mikasa Tamping Rammer have special VIP seat on truck ​under traffic inside Tokyo!
Photo by :Ms. T from Gunma, Japan

A Little Hard Worker—MT-72SGK(4th-Apr.-2017′)

He was silently working among other heavy machines.
The job site is at Shimo-Imaichi Station. The project for reactivating Steam Locomotive.
Take a look for the machine.
Photo by :Ms. J from Tokyo, Japan

Under the Renewal project of Shibuya station area—MRH-600DS(22th-Mar.-2017′)

This is the long term project.Mikasa machines are seen every time I visit. Hope continuous success there.
Photo by :Ms. MK from Tokyo, Japan

MCD-L14 in Kathmandu—MCD-L14(10th-Mar.-2017′)

Found in Kathmandu city where is located at the foot of Himalaya Mountains. It seems active and successful in the city for which many alpinists and tourists are heading.
Photo by :Mr. Tiger from Osaka, Japan

Just ready for job.—MCD-012(28th-Feb.-2017′)

In front of Mikasa Head Office in Tokyo, with leaning his back against building.
Photo by :Mr. Suwabe

Like a Movie—MTX-70(9th-Feb.-2017′)

We received lively picture of MTX-70 Tamping Rammer from South Africa.
Photo by :Mr.X from South Africa.

Approach is difficult.—Whiteman J36H55-QP(11th-Jan.-2017’)

I took picture of construction site on New Club-house in Golf course. Mikasa Power trowel did paving work on the approach space at front of Main entrance. By the way, I am weak in approach on the green.
Photo by :Mr.H from Gunma, Japan.